Meet the Schachners, #ConstanceWithU video competition winner!

After 21 days of competition, came the day of the prize announcement!
Our #ConstanceWithU Instagram video competition which started on the 21st of April until the 11th of May was a real success! Thanks to the creativity of our participants.

As we received an unbelievable 50+ video submission, we decided to pick 3 main winners!
The 3 main videos truly demonstrated what we were looking for:
-Excerpt from our Terms & Conditions:

-The video must support the 'Stay Home' rule thus, 80% of the video must be created at participant's home.
-The video must reflect what the brand is known and loved for (Food & wine, blissful spa treatments, warmth & smiles...) 

And the video which top our list was that of the Schachners, beautiful family of three from Austria!
Their video was creative, touching, happy and what Constance Hotels & Resorts is known for.

Here’s how they did it:

What is #ConstanceWithU for you?
For us, #ConstanceWithU is an opportunity to live out our creativity and escape corona reality. We are facing uncertain times but awareness and social distancing let us stay safe. With hope and positive thoughts, we will all get through the crisis.
This competition gave us the chance to do our part while dreaming of holidays in paradise.

The Schachners dreaming of a holiday in Paradise

What encouraged you to enter our competition #ConstanceWithU?
We got your newsletter because we've been on honeymoon at Constance Lemuria two years ago. Our first thought was: “Great! Let´s try to return to the best hotel we've ever been sooner than for our tenth wedding anniversary!” :-) And we had pretty much time during the lockdown

What did you love the most about this competition?
We loved to watch all the other awesome videos, there were so many really cool ideas and it was a lot of fun to implement ours. A positive side effect: Since I am following Constance Hotels & Resorts on Instagram my news feed contains much more photos of gorgeous sceneries and lovely food.

Was this your first attempt at creating a stop motion video? Did you enjoy it?
I didn't know what stop motion actually is, but my husband was always fascinated by cartoons. He used to draw a lot of flip-books in his school books when he was a child. He also had the technical skills to put our ideas into practice now.

Please tell us more about the creation of your video
We discussed our ideas for about three days; the best scenes were born while having breakfast. We only used things we've already had at home – and yes we really have three different kinds of mussel pasta.

The most difficult thing was to make our six months old baby boy Theo do what we wanted him to. Every scene with him took quite a long time, especially the shots with the cucumbers on his eyes and the pasta on the floor. All parents know how difficult it is to prevent a baby from putting everything it can grab into its mouth 👶

 All in all, it took more than a week to finish the video: Three days of planning, three days of shooting and two days of cutting and doing the sounds, but sorting the pasta back into the storage jars after the shooting felt by far the longest!

How did you feel when you submitted your entry on Instagram?
We felt happy and relieved, but also a bit nervous.

How did you feel the day you learned you are the lucky winner? Were you expecting it?
The moment we learned that we are the lucky winners we were queuing at the post office to send off a parcel. The people surrounding us were staring at us quite strangely watching us scream and jump around with joy and kissing with our corona masks on. We never expected to win this competition because there were so many other great videos.

At which Constance Hotels & Resorts will you enjoy your free holiday? Why?
We are so glad and thankful to be able to return to Seychelles so soon. We picked Constance Lemuria because this is where we spent our honeymoon. There are so many romantic memories connected to this place. We will never forget the moment when we arrived at the hotel and the doors opened with a gong. The stunning view, the warm welcome- for us it felt like coming home to paradise.
Our stay for two was fantastic, but returning as a family will be even better.

Your favourite things to do on holiday
We love relaxing at the beach, snorkelling, having nice food and drinks, but also discovering the country with its people, nature and culture.
Therefore Seychelles is the perfect place to go.

What are the Top 3 things you will do once you check in your favourite Constance Hotels & Resorts
-Showing our son Theo the giant turtles and the peacock in the hotel area. (He will love them) 
-Visiting amazing “Anse Georgette”
-Having finest dinner at “The Nest” and drinking Takamaka cocktails

The Nest- Constance Lemuria