Is Maldives on your 2024 bucketlist?

Welcome to an exclusive peek into paradise!
Vanessa Martins, artist and entrepreneur unfolds her transformative journey in this dreamlike destination, where each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of rejuvenation.
Join us as we unlock ten unique questions, revealing the enchanting allure that makes the Maldives a must-add gem to your 2024 travel list. Get ready to immerse yourself in a tale where the Maldives isn't just a place, but a transcendent experience reshaping wanderlust dreams.


Vanessa, as an artist and entrepreneur, how did the Maldives inspire your creativity during your stay? Were there specific elements of the destination that influenced your work or sparked new ideas? 
“I needed a holiday and to switch off. The Maldives seemed like the ideal destination to reconnect with myself. Resting is part of my creative process, so I will return to the Maldives several times.”

How did the local culture and traditions of the Maldives influence your perception of the destination? Were there any interactions or experiences that stood out in this respect?
“The friendliness of the people. And the feeling that they really want us to make the most of it and relax.”

The Maldives is known for its sustainability efforts. Have you noticed any innovative and environmentally friendly practices or initiatives in the resorts that have impressed you?
“The protection of corals, and having people specialised in looking after them.”

Can you share a particular moment or experience that you found truly unique or unexpected during your stay in the Maldives?
“The dolphin tour. I was expecting to see about 10 dolphins, but it turned out to be hundreds and hundreds of dolphins. It was amazing to see thousands of dolphins living together so close to the hotel.”

Was there any service, convenience or offer at the resorts that you found particularly innovative or distinctive compared to other places you've visited?
“The 24-hour fitness centre. And I had the best massage of my life at Constance Moofushi, it was unbelievable.”

As an artist, how would you capture the essence of the Maldives in your work? What aspects of the landscape or environment would you focus on to portray its beauty?
“The Maldives is a destination that renews you. No one comes back the same after a holiday in the Maldives. I'll go back because I want to regain a sense of well-being and feel like creating and working again.”

Given your experience, what advice would you give to travellers considering the Maldives for their 2024 holiday? Any tips for making the most of a visit to this destination?
“Go! The Maldives was the best holiday of my life. It was impossible to remain indifferent. The water, the nature, the silence, the warm nights...”

Looking ahead to 2024, why would you recommend the Maldives as a top choice for holidaymakers looking for something extraordinary and different? What sets it apart as a destination for next year?
“The best quality destination. Ideal for relaxing.”

Finally, what was your Constance Moment (A Constance Moment is a happy moment at any Constance Hotels & Resorts that can't be replicated elsewhere)?
“When I arrived I was thrilled. I was so happy to be contemplating something so beautiful and unique.”