Delayed Honeymoon, have a minimoon instead!


Meet Nadya Hassan aka thefierce_nay, founder of The Fierce Diaries who celebrated her minimoon at Constance Halaveli a few weeks ago.

Nadya Hassan|Minimoom|Constance Halaveli

Like many of you who have had to postpone your honeymoon due to the pandemic, Nadya had to face this not so pleasant situation as well…however managed to seize a period where border restrictions were eased to celebrate her minimoon at Constance Halaveli.

Read on to get some inspiration.

Was it your 1st time at Constance Halaveli? Why did you choose this hotel for your minimoon? Why the Maldives? 

Yes, it was our first time at Constance Halaveli and we absolutely love it. We love visiting the Maldives it’s one of our top destinations for a getaway and have always heard about how great Constance is and decided to spend our mini-moon there! 

Which room did you stay in? What did you like most and least?

We stayed in one of the water villas and it was just amazing... I love how spacious the room was, it had 2 wings and a hallway… one was purely the bedroom and the other was the bath/ dressing room!

5 top activities to do during a minimoon at Constance Halaveli?

I would highly suggest a private romantic dinner, dolphin watching, feed the many baby sharks, snorkelling and of course who doesn’t love couples’ massage, right?

Spa|Constance Halaveli

Best drinks you had and the best place to drink them?

We had a mixture of everything and every night we would grab a sofa close to the shore at the Jahaz bar and just watch the water hit the shore under the moonlight and of course watch the crabs run around! 

Tropical cocktail|Constance Halaveli|Maldives

Tell us about the food you ate?

I think we called our stay there “seafood week”!
Oh, my grilled fish was just mind-blowing, we ate fish every night and day and I can’t forget the Indian food for lunch which was delicious! 


What was your #MyConstanceMoment? (a moment spent at Constance Hotels which is memorable and cannot be experienced anywhere else)

I think because of the times now, our 24-hour quarantine in the room was spectacular! I would not mind being in lockdown on the island ... we could swim in front of our villa and pool and by night time, we had in-room dining and watched movies!

Romantic Beach dinner|Constance Halaveli

Would you recommend Constance Halaveli for minimoons? Why?

Oh absolutely, the island is massive with so many activities yet you feel very isolated and not run into many of the guests. So, it would make you feel like you are all alone in your own private island!

thefierce_nay|Constance Halaveli

When and where have you planned your honeymoon getaway?

Our honeymoon was meant to be after our wedding at the end of July. We had planned a trip to Bora Bora and the closest feeling to that was the beautiful islands of Maldives.

Highlights of your minimoon at Constance Halaveli

I would say, swimming with the sharks, isolating in our room, playing chess by the beach and of course the amazing spa treatment!