Giuliana is looking forward to her 9th time at Constance Moofushi!


There are all kinds of reasons people travel.
Some travel for work, others to tick off their lengthy bucket list while some travel to satiate their adventurous and curious soul.
Whatever the reason, sojourning in the Maldives at Constance Moofushi is definitely a must!
Meet Giuliana Toffetti, the lady who has been at the newly renovated Constance Moofushi for 8th time and looking forward to her 9th visit.
She became acquainted with the chic all-inclusive hotel in 1990 on a trip to unearth beautiful gems…
Read on and out more on her journey and hotel.

When was the first time you check-in at Constance Moofushi?
My dear, the first time I checked in was not yet Constance, Was just Moofushi.
It was in 1990 – part of my job was discovering “new” places for VIP Italian customers…and I did!
I loved it and send lots of people there.

What was your 1st impression on the hotel?
My first impression, while I was walking without shoes on the long pier to reach the reception, it was: freedom, powerful nature, happy to breathe all this, ready for a new life.
Once at the reception, I thought it was lovely and simple. It reaches the correct degree of elegance.


What's your most favourite thing to do there?
I think what almost all the people that go to the Maldives do, forget about the rest of the world, do sport, eat good food, nice and discrete people to talk to and if you like to dream looking all the incredible colours of that place than you reached the right place.

Totem Bar at Constance Moofushi Maldives

It will be your 9th time at Constance Moofushi, right? Any particular reason?
The dream that this little part of the world gives me every single new time I go there.

Pool at Constance Moofushi

The confinement isn't an easy period for all of us and we are all looking to relax and let go - what are you looking forward to at Constance Moofushi?

I am looking forward to travelling again and to go back to my happy life, as I am a very lucky and favoured person… and also a fighter ;)
  To answer, I am looking forward to restarting.

Your favourite cocktail and restaurant at Constance Moofushi?
I can’t tell you! All of them, it depends on what’s on my mind at a certain hour of the day.

Cocktail served at Constance Moofushi

Do you have a favourite villa? Why?
No, I like them all!
The overwater villas are top and the beach villas are very nice too.

Water Villa at Constance Moofushi

Any tips for future guests?
To free their mind, enjoy and do never complain, because to be there, means to be blessed 😊

Please tell us about your ConstanceMoment
My evening walk to the pier to watch manta rays is special