Dinner by Chef Grapin at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Constance Belle Mare Plage, Blue Penny Cellar awaits to tantalise your taste buds with an exclusive dinner curated by the renowned Chef Grapin. Set to take place on February 17th, 2024, this culinary journey promises an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delights and exquisite wines.

The Menu


Radishes with Butter
Crisp and refreshing radishes served with luscious, creamy butter set the stage for the culinary adventure to come.

Gougères with Comté Cheese
These delicate, cheese-filled pastries are a perfect blend of lightness and richness, offering a tantalising start to the evening.

Homemade Semi-Cooked Foie Gras on Toast
 Indulge in the luxurious flavours of Chef Grapin's homemade semi-cooked foie gras, perfectly complemented by crisp toast.

Gravlax of Matured Beef Sirloin, Confit Leek Pencils, Black Garlic Condiment
Taste tender gravlax of matured beef sirloin, accompanied by the subtle sweetness of confit leek pencils and the bold, earthy notes of black garlic condiment.

Main Course:
Roasted Duck Breast, Corn Cream, Pickled Red Onion Compote, Waffle-Cut Potatoes, Pot-au-Feu Vegetables
 Savour the succulence of roasted duck breast, enhanced by the creamy texture of corn cream and the tangy sweetness of pickled red onion compote. Accompanied by crispy waffle-cut potatoes and a medley of pot-au-feu vegetables, this main course is a symphony of flavours and textures.

Citrus Pavlova, Galabé Breton Biscuit

Conclude your culinary journey on a sweet note with Chef Grapin's exquisite citrus pavlova, paired with the rich, buttery flavours of Galabé Breton biscuit.

The Wine Pairing:
Each course of this exceptional menu will be expertly paired with a selection of fine wines, curated to enhance and elevate the flavours of the dishes. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, the wine pairings promise to raise your dining experience to new heights.

Reserve Your Seat:
Indulge in a night of culinary sophistication at Blue Penny Cellar, Constance Belle Mare Plage. Reserve your seat now for this exclusive wine pairing dinner crafted by Chef Grapin.

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Date: February 17th, 2024 
Venue: Blue Penny Cellar, Constance Belle Mare Plage 
Time: 20h00 
Price: 3800 per person 


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