Celebrating 25 Years of Luxury and Serenity at Constance Prince Maurice

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, on the serene shores of Mauritius, lies a gem that has been the epitome of luxury and tranquility for a quarter of a century. Constance Prince Maurice, the prestigious 5-star haven, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this November.

Named after the noble Dutch Maurice of Nassau, this resort is more than just a destination; it's a tribute to history, a nod to the spice route pioneer, and a sanctuary that embodies the essence of Mauritian hospitality.

The Journey Begins
In November 1998, Constance Hotels & Resorts introduced the world to Constance Prince Maurice. From its inception, the resort was envisioned as a place where nature's beauty meets luxury's comfort, where every stay is an experience, and every guest is royalty.

A Paradise Carved in Nature
Sprawled across 60 hectares of pristine private land, the resort is a testament to sustainable luxury. The design respects the existing natural landscapes, creating a harmonious balance between the lush gardens, secluded beaches, and the turquoise embrace of the ocean. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in an environment that rejuvenates the soul and brings a tranquil state of mind.

Celebrating the Milestone
As we mark the 25th anniversary of Constance Prince Maurice, we reflect on the journey that has been embellished with accolades, smiles, and the creation of unforgettable memories.

This celebration is not just about the passage of time, but about the moments that have defined the essence of our existence.

A Future Bright with Promise
Looking ahead, Constance Prince Maurice remains committed to delivering exceptional experiences, pioneering sustainability, and embracing innovation. We continue to evolve, ensuring that our legacy is carried forward with the same passion and excellence that have been our hallmarks since 1998.

Join Us in Celebration
We invite you to be part of this grand celebration. Whether you've been a part of our story in the past or are yet to write your chapter with us, we welcome you to discover the enchantment of Constance Prince Maurice. Let's toast to the past, cherish the present, and dream of the future together.

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Twenty-five years may seem like a milestone measured in time, but at Constance Prince Maurice, it's measured in the countless joyful moments we've shared with our guests. Here's to 25 years of luxury, serenity, and unmatched hospitality—here's to Constance Prince Maurice.