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Constance Tsarabanjina will organise the road transfer from Nosy Be Airport to Manga Soa Lodge (approx. 15 minutes ride) and the boat transfer from Manga Soa Lodge or from Nosy Be Harbour (depending on the tides) to Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar and vice versa at the cost of EUR 250 per person for both ways.
(should be book 2 weeks prior arrival)
The road and boat are collectives and not private and time depending on schedule time of all the guests



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For your comfort and entertainment, your room is equipped with air con, coffee machinesafety box, and mini-bar.

Please advise the best moment to service your suite:

For your convenience, please select any requirements from the list below:

Your mini bar is completed with a variety of beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and snacks.

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Complimentary tea & coffee facilities in the villa with daily replenishment is available on request.

You are on an Island in the middle of the ocean, far away from traffic, stress and pollution.
What can be better than a massage to evacuate this stress and clear your body?
Every evening our massage therapist takes the appointments for the next day.

Signature Massage (90 mins)

A massage like no other, customized uniquely to the requirements of your body and muscles. The therapist will select techniques intuitively as required by your muscles and spend focused time on your areas of tension.


Relax Massage (60/90 mins)

Deep slow soothing, rhythmical techniques to calm the mind and relax muscles


Rejuvenate Massage (60/90 mins)

Re-energize and relieve muscle tension to return flexibility and suppleness to your body.


Detox Massage (60/90 mins)

Cleanse and ease the muscles with lymphatic drainage techniques to return tone in the body


Exotic Body Scrub

Smooth and refresh your skin with our 100% natural tropical exfoliation


After Sun Repair Wrap

Soothe and nourish your skin after over exposure to the sun and environment


Cancellation policy
We make all possible efforts that during your stay with us you have a perfect holiday, as such we kindly
request that if you no longer wish to do an excursion that you give us sufficient notice time.
All morning excursions, massages, please cancel before 8:00 pm the night before.
Afternoon/evening bookings please cancel 4 hours before start.
In the case of annulation 24 hours before departure, we will be obliged to charge 50% of the cost, in
order not to penalize the other guests

Snorkelling Exploration – Single location*
This 5 to 10 minutes trip out to a nearby snorkeller’s paradise will allow you to experience the wonders of the underwater world. Swim along the reef and look out for giant porcupine fish, Hawksbill turtles, clouds of yellow snappers and if you are lucky some sting rays. This trip is tailored to suit everyone, morning or afternoon, beginner or experienced snorkellers, as long as you are a good swimmer and a fish lover!
Price: Ariary 120 000 per person (minimum 4 persons)

Snorkelling Extravaganza – Multiple locations
One of the all-time favourite snorkelling excursions, a very special trip… welcome aboard our catamaran and visit the open-water reefs with an experienced guide that will show you the amazing underwater life. We will take you to two different reefs, the best snorkelling sites around the island, each one with its own special characteristics: turtle, corals and schools of colourful tropical fish, a real treat for all admirers of the underwater world. Do not hesitate to inform our island hosts if there is any particular place that you wish to visit.
Price: Ariary 190 000 per person (minimum 4 persons)


Sunset Snorkeling
The day ends and the sun will soon go to bed. Let's embark and go once again to discover these funds at a special
moment during which the attitude of the fish and the colors change.
You know how to swim and fish are you passionate about? So this tour is for you.
Price : Ariary 120 000 per person (minimum 4 persons)


Scuba Diving

Diving - Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar
Now that you have been introduced to this beautiful new world, it is time to take things to the next level.
Our qualified instructors are very passionate about this world and have chosen to live in it to be able to share its beauty with others.
The diving sites around Tsarabanjina are almost intact.
You want more, then try one of our night dive, a very different experience, see for yourself what happens once the sun has set.


Enjoy a relaxing and romantic cruise in the Indian Ocean. Whilst cruising you can enjoy a beautiful sunset and our friendly crewmembers will serve you Sparkling Wine and chef's special canapés. With a bit of luck you may even have Dolphins entertain you with their dance to the rhythm of the waves under the beautiful sunset: an unforgettable experience!
When? On Request
Where to meet? Boat House 10 minutes before start
What to bring? Sunglasses and photo camera
Price:Ariary 95 000 per person (minimum 4 persons)
-Ariary 380 000 - Per couple - Private! Island tour during 1hour


MITSIO: Organ pipes, deserted island and local village (min 6 persons)
Leave the island in the early afternoon and take a closer look at the organ pipes which were made by a fast and extremely violent volcanic explosion which solidified the magma too quickly and made these tube-shaped structures.
Step onto a deserted island and admire the Baobabs, snorkel into its beautiful crystal water and have refreshment on the beach before heading to the main island of the Archipelago.
Visit a local fishing village for a glimpse of the Malagasy way of life. Friendly local children will welcome you as you walk around the village.
Walk of the hill and enjoy the beautiful view of the Archipelago.
Price: Ariary 320 000 per person (minimum 6 persons)
Private: Ariary 1 300 000 per couple


NOSY KOMBA: Lemurs, local shops and vanilla plantation (min 6pax)
After breakfast enjoy a boat ride to the Nosy komba’s reserve and where you will have the opportunity to feed and interact with Lemurs.
Be guided around the reserve and discover the local plants, Ylang Ylang, coffee and pepper trees, and also some chameleons, tortoises and a boa.
Walk past some local shops where you will be able to find sarongs, t-shirts and other souvenirs to bring back as a memento of your trip.
Price : Ariary 475 000 per person (minimum 6 persons)
Private: Ariary 2 600 000 per couple


Romantic Day on Deserted Island with Picnic
Spend a whole day on your own on a desert island, enjoying the white sand, sea and sun, with a lovely picnic lunch. Enjoy a snorkelling exploration of the beautiful reef that surround the island and then go back to the white sand to have a relaxing, romantic drink with your loved one.
Price: Ariary 2 700 000 per couple (8 to 9 hours)


The adventure begins in the early morning on our catamaran. She carries up to 6 guests, includes a full line of custom fishing tackle and is professionally serviced by both a Captain and Mate for the ultimate private fishing experience.
Explore the waters around the island trying to find the big ones.
We fish for king fish, king mackerels, dorados, sail fish.
How much? Ariary 1 500 000 for 4 hours
Ariary 1 900 000 half day… 6 hours
Ariary 2 800 000 full day… with lunch
Gran Castor Ariary 4 000 000 12 hours


A line, a lead, a hook… see how easy it is to catch fish
Price: Ariary 125 000 (minimum 4 persons)


Nestled on a private beach, Tsarabanjina Restaurant serves delicious Malagasy cuisine in friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Delicious fresh seafood and enchanting ocean view, also on the menu

Lunch in a buffet style: 13:00 to 14:30
Dinner (3 course) from: 20:00
Breakfast served from 7 am and afternoon tea at 5pm. All included in the crystal package.
Dress code: Relax, Barefoot


Early Morning dreams private breakfast

A gourmet breakfast selection. As the sun comes up, savor a luxurious feast of
authentic and exotic flavors. Chilled sparkling wine on white sand coupled with
beautiful ocean views. Soak up the peace of the early morning sunshine.
(Weather permitted)
Price : Ariary 150.000 par person (Euros 35)


Dinner of Dreams private barbecue 

Whether you choose to dine on a table where the water meets the sand to let the
gentle waves touching your feet.
We will consult you beforehand in order to create a fully personalized menu based
on our products arrival and availability.
Booking to be made 48 hours in advance.
(Weather permitted)
Price : Ariary 360.000 per person (Euros 85)


Setting only on the beach or on the hill:
romantic candle light dinner on the beach or on the hill with normal menu of the evening 

Price: 90,000 Ariary per couple

Setting on the beach or on the hill with Lobster / Prawn or Crab:
starter, grilled Lobster / Prawn or Curry of Crab, selection of evening desserts
(Booking to be made 48 hours in advance)

Price: 190,000 Ariary per person

Setting on the beach or on the hill with Fresh Grill Fish:
starter, grilled or baked fresh fish, selection of evening desserts
(Booking to be made 48 hours in advance)

Price: 275,000 Ariary per person

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