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Domaine Vicomte de Noüe-Marinič is the result of an alliance between two families. Charles-Louis de Noüe, grandson of Jeanne Leflaive, co-founder with her brothers of Domaine Leflaive, brings the Burgundian tradition, while Alis Marinič of the Marinič family brings the demanding respect for the terroir and its interpretation through the production and enjoyment of fine and elegant wines from Goriska Brda ("Gorizia Hill").

Sunday 14th May

at Constance Belle Mare Plage
La Kaze Restaurant


~ Erigone Ribolla
Gialla Gaugnaz I Cru
Classificazione 2020
~ Erigone Zala Locca III Cru
Classificazione 2020
~ Marinic Tejca Vedrignano
II Cru Classificazione 2020
~ Marinic Groblja
Vedrignano II Cru
Classificazione 2020
~ Marinic Refosco 2019


Tuna tartare with ginger pickles and condiments
Shrimps ceviche with citrus, lemon and avocado
Marinated grilled vegetables with pesto
Watermelon and feta cheese salad
Oriental tabbouleh
Beef tatare
Salami Milano

Marinated chicken skewers with tandoori spices
Sauteed vegetables with garlic and thyme
Grilled beef skewers with cashew nuts
Pork salmis with local spices
Smoked eggplant caviar
Tuna steak, virgin sauce
Roasted lamb leg
Seafood pizza
Pork on the spit

Lemon and honey sauce / Green pepper sauce / Béarnaise sauce / BBQ sauce

Apricot clafoutis
Vanilla crème brûlée
Choux praliné
Chocolate fudge
Tarte with apples and cinnamon


Created in 2008, this estate has asserted itself year after year. It has gradually expanded without losing its philosophy: to produce identity-driven wines. In the reds, the proportion of whole cluster fermentation varies depending on the cuvées. The high-quality ageing process accentuates and smooths the wines without over-oaking them. The whites retain finesse. The quality and consistency of the entire production are remarkable.

The wines: the whites are highly distinguished and above all, have a lovely freshness, as seen in Esprit d'Antan. The Saint-Joseph is also well-crafted, delicately enveloped and adorned with clean fruit. This careful and precise spirit is also found in the reds, with juicy fruit expressions and preserved freshness in the mid-palate. Préface is already irresistible, carried by its notes of red fruits and pepper. Marked by notes of eucalyptus, Tildé affirms its exoticism.

Monday 15th May 2023

at Constance Prince Maurice
Archipel Restaurant

Archipel restaurant at Constance Prince Maurice


~ IGP des Collines
Rhodaniennes, “Primavera”
~ Crozes-Hermitage
“Accroche Coeur” 2021
~ Saint-Joseph “Préface”
~ IGP des Collines
Rhodaniennes “Esprit
d’Antan” 2018


Tuesday 16th May 2023

at Constance Belle Mare Plage
La Spiaggia Restaurant


~ Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2021
~ Coastal Region Verdelho 2019
~ Coastal Region Rall White 2021
~ Swartland “Ava” Syrah 2021
~ Swartland & Darling Cinsault 2021


Crab remoulade with herbs and lemon confit,
crunchy fennel, orange dressing & pink berries
Coastal Region, Verdelho, Donovan Rall, 2019 - South Africa

Coconut risotto & grilled scallops, green asparagus tips, curry emulsion, Granny Smith apple
Coastal Region, White, Donovan Rall, 2021 - South Africa

Sautéed beef fillet, creamy polenta with olives, tomato confit and mild spice juice
Swartland, Ava, Donovan Rall, 2021 - South Africa

Raspberry ganache inspiration and clafoutis biscuit,
amarenas cherry mousse, red fruits coulis with black pepper
Coastal Region, Cinsault, Donovan Rall, 2021 - South Africa


The wines: Wrapped in a beautiful salinity on the finish, Les Genièvrières shines with its very subtle balance. Les Combettes displays brilliance and purity that command respect, but Les Perrières goes even further in its mineral expression, with great energy on the finish. Worked with finesse, and showcasing a great burst of fruit and a softly spiced character, the reds are equally convincing.

Wednesday 17th May 2023

at Constance Prince Maurice
Barachois Restaurant

Pairing dinner at the Barachois restaurant


~ Cape Coast, Born of Fire
Chenin Blanc 2021
~ Elgin, “Evidence”
Chardonnay 2022
~ Alsace Grand Cru
“Rangen”, Riesling 2021
~ Cape Coast, Born of Fire
Syrah 2021
~ Alsace Grand
Cru “Kaefferkopf”
Gewurztraminer 2020


It is a story that has been written in the plural, over centuries and across appellations. A story of a family who is passionate and in love with the vineyards. The Devillards have owned four estates in Burgundy, from North to South, from Côte de Nuits to Mâconnais, for several generations. This offer is unique in Burgundy. Vintage after vintage, the same demand for excellence and qualitative consistency drives the family and their teams. Together, they share the same philosophy: to produce the greatest wines possible, in the most beautiful expression of their terroir, marked by balance and elegance. Since 2011, the family has successfully ventured into wine tourism in Mercurey. Château de Chamirey: the historic estate of the Devillard family in Côte Chalonnaise, with 37 hectares in Mercurey, including 15 hectares in 6 Premier Crus. Domaine de la Ferté: named after the Cistercian abbey of La Ferté, founded in 1113, with 3 hectares in Givry.

Friday 19th May 2023

at Constance Belle Mare Plage
Blue Penny Cellar

Pairing dinner at the the Blue Penny Cellar restaurant


~ Mâcon Azé 2018,
Domaine de la Garenne
~ Mercurey 2020, Château de Chamirey
~ Mercurey “En Pierrelet”
2021, Château de Chamirey
~ Mercurey 1er Cru “En Sazenay” 2020, Château de Chamirey
~ Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru “Aux Perdrix” Quasi Monopole, Domaine des Perdrix

La Paulée by Constance Hotels & Resorts 

La Paulée by is the embodiment of passion and sharing, reuniting five vineyards of the event.
Domaine Noue Marinic, Slovenia,
Domaine Pierre Jean Villa, Rhone Valley,
Rall Wines, Swartland - South Africa,
Vins Schaal, South Africa & Alsace,
Domaines Devillard, Burgundy

Join us for a one-of-a-kind event as we host and celebrate La Paulée, a tribute to the Burgundian festivity held at the end of the grape harvest.
To honour the tradition of La Paulée de Meursault, you can bring wines to share with your table companions and winemakers.

Happy La Paulée!

(18h00 to 19h30)

Domaine Noue Marinic
~ Erigone Cuvee Rosé 2019
~ Erigone Ribolla Gialla Gaugnaz I Cru
Classificazione 2020
~ Marinic Zala 2019

Domaine Pierre Jean Villa
~ Condrieu “Jardin Suspendu” 2017
~ IGP Collines Rhodaniennes “Esprit d’Antan” 2015
~ Côte Rôtie “Fongeant” 2019

Rall Wines
~ Coastal Region, Rall White 2021
~ Swartland “Ava” Chenin Blanc 2021
~ Swarland & Darling, Cinsault 2021

Vins Schaal
~ Elgin “Evidence” Chardonnay 2022
~ Alsace Grand Cru “Rangen” 2021
~ Cape Coast Born of Fire Syrah 2021

Domaines Devillard
~ Mâcon Azé 2018, Domaine de la Garenne
~ Mercurey “En Pierrelet” 2021
Château de Chamirey
~ Mercurey “Clos de la Maladière” 2021,
Château de Chamirey


~ Alsace Grand Cru “Rangen” 2020,
Julien Schaal - Magnum
~ Classificazione 2020, Domaine Noue
Marinic - Magnum
~ Mercurey 1er Cru “La Mission”
Monopole 2020, Château de Chamirey
~ Coastal Region, Rall Red 2020,
Rall Wines - Magnum
~ Saint-Joseph “Saut de L’Ange” 2021,
Domaine Pierre Jean Villa - Magnum

Constance Prince Maurice, wine cellar

Archipel Restaurant
at Constance Prince Maurice 

Dinner Orchestrated by
Kritesh Halkory
Bocuse d’Or Africa

Price per person: Rs 7,800 incl. VAT
If you wish you can also bring your wines to share on your table.

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