Classics Range - U Spa by Constance

A Spa where your needs and objectives are met, your mind and body exudes purity and joy!

Set in the heart of the lagoons, each of our U Spa by Constance houses two distinctive ranges of products and treatments to meet the needs of our guests. While our “Deluxe” range of treatments offers specialist treatments from leading brands, our “Classics” range of treatments takes you on fragrant exotic journeys.

The “Classics” range of treatments which is inspired by the exotic scent and warmth of the islands consist of: Massages, Facials & Body Treatments.

You will be free to take your pick from relaxing, rejuvenating or detox massage oil. Concocted with tropical plants and fruits, the massage oil will transport you during your spa treatments and leave a fragrant feeling.

Go through our Spa Brochures for more information.

For those willing to try our Signature U-Experience treatments, part of the “Classics” – you will be wonderfully satisfied to know that massages are done only after a 'one to one' consultation, so as your needs and objectives of the day are met!

Your health, diet, fitness level and skincare regime are our priority before the treatment.