The spa at Constance Aiyana, 'Maji' - which means water in Swahili is all about the concept of healing through water. Being the most vital element of life, water is very much present and used at the Spa...
We invite you to dive into the healing world of Maji Spa at Constance Aiyana.

Spa Facilities & Rituals

Relax and make the most of your wellness journey at Constance Aiyana with the clove infused breeze and peaceful, rhythmic sound of the sea.
The mystical setting and authentic architecture will enhance your spa holidays and send you on a blissful journey.

Maji Spa treatments

Dive in a world of authenticity with the signature Maji Spa Program.
Each spa treatment is inspired by the concept of healing through water.

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2 Single, 2 double treatment rooms, 1 fitness centre & 1 bath ceremony room.

Exclusive Spa treatments

To make your stay even more pleasurable at Constance Aiyana Pemba, we crafted experiences to suit every need...from honeymooners to solo travellers, there is a spa ritual for each one of you.


A 90 minute treatment, using Pemba sea salt, seaweed powder, Pemba honey and Pemba coconut oil to clean and nourish your skin.


Foot massage at Constance Aiyana


45 minute foot treatment with pressure points to maintain the body functioning and balance energy.


A long and small stroke relaxation massage technique that use aromatic oil to improve your blood circulation
and relax your mind.




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