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Step by step sushi recipe

Step by step sushi making by Chef Htet



90 g Sushi Rice
2 pcs Nori
1 big Avocado
145g fresh salmon 
30g crispy tempura crumb
1/2 pc Shiso
12g Teriyaki Sauce 
Wasabi to taste
Pickle ginger to taste
Beetrout sprout -  few for garnish
15g Cream cheese
40g Rice vinegar
19g Sugar
8g Salt


Step 1

Prepare the Rice & Nori. Lay out the Nori on the Bamboo mat.

Step 2

Spread the rice on the Nori.

Step 3

Add your fillings to the Bottom Quarter of the Nori.

Step 4

Roll the sushi and move to a cutting board.

Step 5

Cut and serve