Cocoa Mocha De Almond

Recipe by Chef Jabeen at Constance Halaveli


 Almond Dacquoise (Gluten-free)

  • 198g Egg whites
  • 162g Sugar
  • 2g Albumen
  • 60g Icing Sugar
  • 42g Rice Flour
  • 138g Almond Flour
  • 40g Couverture chocolate "Almond inspiration"
  • 8g Baking Powder
  • 120g Flour
  • 20g Cocoa Powder
  • 80g Melted Butter

Cocoa Nib Crunch

  • 12g Grape seed oil
  • 70g Couverture chocolate "Almond inspiration"
  • 88g Feuilletine
  • 30g Cocoa nibs
  • 1g   Lemon zest


Almond Coffee Mouse

  • 427g Heavy Cream 33% (1)
  • 42g   Gelatin Mass
  • 21g   Coffee paste
  • 448g Couverture chocolate "Almond inspiration"
  • 462g Heavy Cream 33% (2)
  • 100g Rum


Almond Dacquoise: Sift icing sugar, rice flour & almond flour. Whip the egg white, sugar & albumen to meringue. 
Melt the chocolate to 40 - 45C & fold to meringue.
Fold the rest of the dry ingredients into meringue. Bake 170C for 10 - 12 minutes.

Cocoa Nib Crunch: Melt chocolate until 40 - 45C add oil and add the rest of all ingredients.
Place the mixture in a baking tray and freeze.

Almond Coffee Mouse: Semi-whip the cream (2) and place it in the fridge. Heat up cream (1) to 80C and add gelatin mass.
Pour it over the chocolate and coffee paste in a tall cup, and emulsify with the blender.
Cool down to 28-29C fold in the whipped cream.
Assemble the full cake using all the inserts.