Chicken curry with homemade coconut – Constance Aiyana, Zanzibar

Chicken curry with homemade coconut – Constance Aiyana, Zanzibar

Ingredients For 2 Pax:

1 pcs Chicken leg
200 gr Fresh chili
5 gr Chili powder
100 gr Onions red
2 pcs of young coconut milk
10 gr Thymes
10 gr Coriander leaves
200 gr Fresh tomato
5 gr Cumin powder
10 gr Curry powder

5 gr Saffron
5gr Garam masala
2 pcs Lemon
5 gr Cinnamon stick
Sunflower oil
10 gr Ginger
30gr Garlic
2 gr Methi seed
5 gr Curry leaves



Debone the chicken and cut into chunky pieces. Ginger, garlic and onion blend.
Marinate the chicken with chili powder, cumin, saffron, salt, pepper and ginger, garlic and onion paste.
Preheat a food pan, add sunflower oil.
Add methi, thymes, curry leaves, ginger, garlic and onion paste, cook for few minutes until golden brown.
Add curry powder, cinnamon stick, fresh chili, garam masala, and fresh chopped tomatoes.
Cook for 10 mins slow heat (add little bit of water if needed).
Add chicken and for another 10 mins and let it cook slowly.
Add homemade coconut milk and last squeeze lemon Spread fresh coriander for flavored.
Salt and pepper for taste.

Note - Side dish:
It goes well with local mbeya rice and tomato, onions and green pepper salads