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California Roll recipe

California Roll recipe by Chef Pravin Juggun




Sushi Rice
1 kg Sushi rice
1200 gr Water 
-Wash rice 5 times
-In a rice cooker, cook rice with 1200 gr of water

Rice seasoning
1-liter White vinegar (Alcohol)
350 gr Sugar
100 gr salt
-Mix all ingredients

California Roll
1 sheet Yaki Nori
200 gr cooked and seasoned rice
80 gr crab meat
30 gr Cucumber
40 gr Avocado
10 gr Sesame seeds

Seasoned Rice
500 gr Cooked rice
100 gr Rice seasoning

-Mix and keep covered at room temperature



On a sushi mat, place the yaki nori.

Spread the rice evenly.

Turn it upside down – rice on the outer side.

In the middle of the yaki nori, place the cucumber and avocado stick and the crab meat.

Roll it in rectangular shape dust with sesame and cut into 8 pcs.

Serve with wasabi, ginger pickle, and Kikkoman sauce.