Opposite the east coast of Africa is a string of islands and atolls set in the Indian Ocean, famous for their idyllic beaches and world-class diving sites. Their turquoise and lapis lazuli water guarantee an unforgettable adventure for both snorkel lovers and deep-sea divers alike. With over 30 dive sites in Zanzibar, it will not be hard for you to find your own underwater paradise.

Put on your fins and dive in. Here you will find remnants of old shipwrecks that tell stories from the past, deep sea caves just waiting to be explored, and some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world, where over 500 species live. With an average water temperature of 26ºC and visibility that can exceed 100 feet, the diving conditions in Zanzibar are simply perfect.

Where to dive



Diving on Pemba Island is a magical experience. Amazing deep-sea mountains await you, and emerald reefs where turtles and manta rays swim.

Constance Aiyana



Each dive is a discovery, and each discovery a window to the amazing underwater world. Get ready to see unique marine species: from the iridescent parrot fish to the impressive lion fish, not to mention the slow-moving green turtles, the friendly bottlenose dolphins, the elegant manta rays and the great whale sharks. There is a whole other world for you to discover!

The diving season in Zanzibar runs from June to April, avoiding the rainiest months. If you are interested in seeing a specific type of species, you will have to plan your trip according to marine migrations. The best months for diving with whale sharks in Zanzibar are from November to January; from June to March you can see manta rays; and from August to September it is the humpback whales’ turn.

Diving with manta rays

At Manta Point, an incredible show awaits you: reef walls dotted with purple anemones that dramatically descend until they get lost in the depths of the sea. An underwater paradise adorned by the presence of beautiful eagle rays and impressive mobula rays.

Swimming with dolphins

There are excellent dive sites for all levels to the south of Zanzibar, in the Kizimkazi area. There is a magnificent coral garden that awaits you just 20 metres below the surface, inhabited by scorpion fish, octopuses and turtles that swim among the dolphins, with whom you will soon make friends.

See the whale sharks

Boribu is truly an explosion of underwater colours, with giant barrel sponges interspersed with columnar coral reefs and delicate gorgonians inhabited by lobsters and moray eels. If you are lucky, you will be able to dive with the whale sharks, an amazing and magnificent experience that you will never forget.



Diving in Zanzibar is a feast for the eyes. Wherever you look, you will discover a vibrant environment that looks just like it has been freshly painted. The water filters the intense colours of the coral, while the thousand different shades of the fish create different layers that look like a series of images in continuous motion. There is so much to discover that one trip will not be enough.

Some diving packages target shipwrecks from the 20th century, while others lead you through deep caves that will get your adrenaline pumping, and there is no shortage of relaxing outings through coral gardens that go on as far as the eye can see.

Big Wall

With strong currents and depths ranging from 14 to 70 metres, the Big Wall is ideal for anyone who likes to experience intense thrills. While you descend along the spectacular wall, you will discover breathtaking ledges and mysterious caves adorned with colourful sponges and coral.

Nankivell & Hunga Reef

Located right next to each other with maximum depths of 12 and 16 metres, these two dive sites in Zanzibar are perfect for beginners. Extravagant coral formations create a magical underwater landscape which perfectly captures the colourful and vibrant spirit of the Indian Ocean.

Emerald Reef

Diving in Pemba has its rewards. To the south of the island you will find one of the best dive sites in Zanzibar: a spectacular landscape adorned by emerald coral reefs, up to 45 metres deep. You will not have to dive down very far to see the remains of the Paraportiani, one of the most photogenic shipwrecks around.

Come and discover the best dive sites in Zanzibar. We adapt to your level of experience to ensure a safe and unforgettable dive. Contact us if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help you plan out all the details.