Yoga: Emotionally & physically beautiful !

Yoga: Emotionally & physically beautiful !

When it comes to sensorial experiences & blissful moments, Constance Halaveli knows what to do for you...

This September, Constance Halaveli will be welcoming certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher Antonija Krajina from International Yoga Alliance.

Antonija has her own studio and practice Ashtanga yoga, yoga classes for children, pranayama, Nidra classes and modern dance.

Antonija Krajina

Massages and singing bowls therapy are also on the list.

 For those who will be at Constance Halaveli or will be heading to the paradisiacal hotel in September do not forget to book your session!  Here’s the program:

From 9 – 10 am, join in for some Morning Yoga – Surya (sun)

This class is all about slowing down the pace and feel the surrounding. It helps to be grounded, focussed and joyful.

Morning Yoga Constance Halaveli

Evening Yoga – Inspired Vinyasa is at 6.30 – 7.30 pm

Focusing on the mind and breath while building strength and flexibility, Evening Yoga- Inspired Vinyasa includes challenging workout interspersed with relaxation and restorative poses leaving the body balanced. The mixed level vinyasa starts with breathing and easy stretching to gradually create strength and heat in the body.

A restorative, meditative pose will signal the end of the session and help to quiet your mind.

Evening Yoga – Inspired Vinyasa

 Pilates 3.30 – 4.30 pm

For those looking for an improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and toned core muscles - abdominal, lower back, hips and buttocks; Step in the pilates class

Pilates at Halaveli Maldives

 Beginner & Intermediate classes also available – Get in touch!

Spa Reception: +960 794 9025 OR email us

Yoga at Halaveli Maldives