Wine pairing dinner with Philippe Nusswitz

Wine pairing dinner with Philippe Nusswitz

A wine pairing dinner at the newly renovated Diva restaurant is not to be missed…

This 30th of January 2017, the wines of Philippe Nusswitz - Best Sommelier France in 1986,
will be paired with delicious dishes at Diva Restaurant- Constance Lemuria Seychelles.

Orenia wines

From fish and lobster to duck and fruits; this wine pairing dinner in the Seychelles
is sure to wow your taste buds!


Vanilla, olive oil marinated job fish
Caviar Baeri
AOP Duché d'Uzes-Orenia Blanc, 2015

AOP Duché d'Uzes-Orenia Blanc, 2015

Poached slipper lobster
Wild mushroom, white asparagus, hazelnut, truffle
AOP Duché d'Uzes-Orénia Reserve Blanc, 2015


Spiced duck breast
Beetroot gnocchi, celeriac, smoked onion
Red berry jus
AOP Duché d'Uzes-Orénia Reserve Rouge, 2015

AOP Duché d'Uzes-Orenia Reserve Rouge, 2015

Manchego cheesecake
Candied walnut, raspberry, apple sorbet
VDP Histoire 7, 2011


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