When creativity and passion collide

When creativity and passion collide

We know you are totally in bliss at Constance Halaveli and to make this blissful state linger, we have a few creations for you

Constance Halaveli’s newcomers

Tropical Swizzle:

tropical swizzle cocktail constance halaveli maldives
A drink that is traditionally made with a tropical bush stick - this refreshing drink will not fail to leave an impression!Best while enjoying the view of our clear turquoise lagoon! 

Sexy Colada:

sexy colada cocktail constance halaveli maldives
A uniquely sexy take on the classic piña colada – Best enjoyed after a swim!

What’s our secret ingredient? You have to taste it – we won’t tell! 


constance halaveli pinarito
A zest of tropical twist to your typical mojito- Shaken with coco lopez, lime juice, fresh mint and our secret ingredient- Best enjoyed after a dive!

Macaron Romance:

constance halaveli macaron romance
Just the right dose of sweetness and sourness for a perfect holiday! 

All these delicious cocktails are available at Jahaz Bar.