Weekly Rendez-vous with Chef Jordi

Weekly Rendez-vous with Chef Jordi

Discover Constance Halaveli’s new menu where Chef Jordi; executive chef of Jing Restaurant has devised a series of ingenious recipes inspired by his cultural background!


Inspired by the popular golden swathed confection by Italian chocolatier Ferrero, our "Rochers" have the same whole hazelnut center but filled with savory foie gras ganache.
These sweet-and-salty, creamy-crunchy is a one of Chef Jordi’s new creation that can be enjoyed at Constance Halaveli.

Red Indian | Chef Jordi at Constance Halaveli Maldives

“Red India” is another beautiful creation by Chef Jordi; with his surrounding as inspiration
With this particular creation, we are sent on a journey across the ocean where we can taste the flavours of the islands, India – land of spices and finally Europe.
Banana, Coconut and Vanilla represents the islands whereas cardamom and curry represent India.
All these are then skilfully prepared by European technics to create this dessert.

Palate Cleansing Shot

Lastly, the Palate Cleansing Shot - we leave it to you to have your very own opinions!


These mouth-watering dishes are available for dinner every Thursday at Jing restaurant; $198 per person with wine.

Chef Jordi will also be present to give out some culinary secrets… Book your table now! 


For all bookings please contact us on: or Phone: +(960) 7949015