Valmont Spa products at Constance Halaveli Maldives

Valmont Spa products at Constance Halaveli Maldives

The beauty of the setting relaxes the soul... and Valmont takes care of the rest! By choosing Magician of Time as the exclusive brand of face treatment for its SPA, the elegant Constance Halaveli Resort joins the revered V35, Valmont’s Prestige SPA Club. With its immaculate white sand beaches, its turquoise lagoon stretching to the horizon and its luxuriant vegetation, Constance Halaveli Resort in the Maldives naturally blends into the idyllic setting of the Ari Atoll.

Time has no meaning here. In this magnificent setting, guests chart a course through gourmet pleasures and spectacular scuba diving. Constance Halaveli Resort deserved another exceptional Spa on top of Spa de Constance and Ila products... hence, the Valmont Spa was born. Luxury on stilts
A cozy ambiance and subtle luxury... the Valmont SPA for Constance Halaveli Resort combine well- being and beauty with 10 cabins, for individuals (5 cabins) and couples (3 cabins). An Asian perfume wafts through the Ayurvedic and Thai massage rooms and the yoga area; well-being and beauty reign supreme against a backdrop of exotic wood and natural stones.

Among other emblematic Valmont treatments, the SPA menu offers an exclusive treatment specifically
created by the Swiss house : “Valmont After Diving Treatment.”

Devoted to restoring the skin and caring for the hair after diving, this 45-minute treatment features alternating hydrating masks and model massages to relieve congestion while pampering the contour of the eye with a collagen mask. After a dive in the lagoon, a dip in the fountain of youth!