True People

True People

A memorable journey is one that is excellent from the beginning until the very end, if not even after you are gone…

Is it the gorgeous location, the scenic surroundings, or the people who assist you who makes a holiday a memorable one? At Constance Aiyana in beautiful Pemba Island, we believe it is the people.
People, who tailor your stay, people who impart the authenticity of the place to mark your holiday.

Meet Gerald, the one with magic at his fingertips!

Started as a gardener in 2012, Gerald who is now Head of the Landscaping at Constance Aiyana is the one behind the flowery scenery of the hotel.

 His passion and love can beautifully be seen in his work, and he credits the environment and the beauty of the place for his work: “Aiyana is a big family, and we all cooperate to make sure the guests are having a perfect time with us. For my team, nothing makes us happier than preparing a flower arrangement for a guest’s birthday or special occasion.’’ explains Gerald.

Meet Grace, the one who shares her culture!

Grace started working at Constance Aiyana in October 2017, and it took her no time to feel at home and excel in his role as Restaurant Supervisor. She enjoys the joyful collaboration and interaction between all team members. Same as Gerald, Grace owes her hard work and dedication to the charming place and guests. There’s nothing more satisfying for Grace than sharing her culture and beautiful heritage to the guests: ‘’ I am very happy in my job! In fact, it is my dream job, and I love what I am doing from the bottom of my heart.”

More than just a workplace, Constance Aiyana is a family where people from Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania and across the Indian Ocean come together to work and share their heritage with the guests.