The most exquisite of Flavours!

The most exquisite of Flavours!


At Constance Hotels and Resorts, we strive to bring you the best and serve you the most exquisite of flavours!

In this quest, Jorald Julie our Assistant Corporate Sommelier and Chef Frederic Goisset - Head Chef at the Blue Penny Café - Constance Belle Mare Plage took on a journey where flavours, colours as well as textures were explored.

Like most radical thoughts – Most of us tend to think that white wine goes with fish and red wine goes with meat. However, our daring Sommelier and Chef took the liberty of assembling some delicious ingredients to counteract some faulty precepts of wine pairing…

Wine proposed by Jorald was a fine bottle of Maury Sec, Domaine Mas Amiel Cuvee L Legend 2012 France.

- “A beautiful ruby colored wine with a fine nose with black fruits aromas, nice structure, fresh, soft tannins with a beautiful finish on spicy notes and hints of cacao - An exceptional wine which can be kept for aging…”


And the complementing dish ingeniously prepared by Chef Frederic was: Codfish fillet a la plancha, squid ink potato gnocchi served on a bed of green leaves, raspberries and a luxurious pool of Perigueux sauce…


As per our Sommelier, we can undoubtedly have red wine with fish as long as the cooking style is well adapted, the sauce and other ingredients use for the preparations is well balanced – it is only then that the red wine will complement the flavours of the fish.

One important element in a wine for a fine pairing with fish is a lot of acidities! Cooks instinctively know that there are no better rudiments that blend well with fish than a generous dose of citric sharpness to cut through the fish oil or saltiness. Chef Frederic here seasoned the fillet with some “Fleur de sel” and that did the job perfectly!

When it comes to Texture, it always best to “match a light food with a light wine, rich food with a rich wine”.

As per Chef Frederic, the immensity of a wine will always tend to overwhelm the delicacy of a fish; in order to have an exquisite texture, it is important to adjust the fish a little so that the red wine and the fish marry perfectly.

The white, mild-flavored cod fillet used, which is also a wonderful substitute for meat protein was cooked a la plancha making the flesh even more soft and juicy.

Moreover, the freshness and the softness of the Maury Sec were enhanced by the Perigueux sauce – a classic sauce flavoured with Madeira and pungent earthy black truffles which enhanced the sweetness in the wine.

And lastly, as described by our Sommelier, the Maury Sec is : “ A beautiful ruby colored wine with a fine nose with black fruits aromas, nice structure, fresh, soft tannins with a beautiful finish on spicy notes and hints of cacao”…

For the pleasure of our palate and in order to appreciate fish with red wine, it is vital for the wine to have its tannins masked by fruits; the Maury Sec which is a wine with very soft tannins and loaded with aromas of black fruits; made the pairing a fine one…

On an ending note, the Maury Sec, Domaine Mas Amiel Cuvee L Legend 2012 France was a superb match for the Codfish a la plancha and all the accompaniments - each and every ingredient were complementary - the codfish with the Perigueux sauce brought out the freshness of the wine and the juiciness of the soft white flesh whereas the raspberries and a generous sip of the Maury Sec exudes pungent sweetness that made the palate pleased with flavours…


Jorald Julie is the Assistant Corporate Sommelier for Constance Hotels and Resorts; he has been with us for the past 10 years - Awarded Best Sommelier of Mauritius in 2012 and studied at the University of Wine ''Suze - la- Rousse'' in France.

Chef Frederic Goisset is the Head Chef of the Blue Penny Café Restaurant at Constance Belle Mare Plage and has been working with us since 2006. Some of other prestigious hotels and restaurants where he left his mark are: 2stars Michelin L’Oustau de Baumanière Restaurant (Relais &Chateaux), France, 1star Michelin hotel, The Prieuré (Relais & Chateaux) France, Chef de partie at Carlton Hotel Cannes, Private Sous-Chef for first queen - Palace of the Emir Al Wajba Palace, Doha, 3stars Michelin Restaurant Louis XV - Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Carl Gustaf Hotel and Restaurant in Saint Barthélémy and Hotel Du Castellet Resort (Relais & Châteaux) France.