Love of science, Passion for food

Love of science, Passion for food

In our quest for your satisfaction and offering you the finest; this June we bring you the Scientist who revolutionised cooking with an innovative technique – “Sous – Vide”

What is “sous-vide”?

French word for under- vacuum

An innovative cooking method where food is vacuum-packed and slow-cooked in water at constant low temperature until it is perfectly cooked. This method of cooking offers excellent textures while keeping all the flavours

Meet the Scientist:

Dr. Bruno Goussault, chief scientist at Cuisine Solutions

 Dr. Bruno Goussault, chief scientist at Cuisine Solutions developed sous vide as a way of improving the tenderness of roast beef back in 1971. His researches and discovery earned him the honor of an appointment to the board of the prestigious ACIA (Association des Chimistes, Ingénieurs et Cadres des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires, the Association of Chemists, Engineers and Managers of Agricultural and Food Industries)

Original recipes at the Deer Hunter Restaurant

Dr. Bruno also trained top chefs in this method. Top chefs include Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Michel Richard and Mark Miller in the United States and in France, Antoine Westermann, Michel Bras and Anne-Sophie Pic.

Both Dr. Bruno and Bernard Leveau – chairman of Multivac North Africa & Indian Ocean will arrive at Constance Belle Mare Plage on the 13th of June until the 19th for a series of demonstration, training sessions, a proposal of original recipes and a very special Gala Dinner on the 18th at the Deer Hunter Restaurant.

And the kitchen will never be the same…Gala Dinner menu with local products

Light and Aerial
Palm Heart without Air

 Gorgeous with the sun and under pressure
Watermelon, pineapple, vanilla, tomato and flowers vacuum packed

Corn popping under the heat
Duck liver from Terracine cooked at very low temperature

 When a runner become tender
Deer from the closest hunting field, some very dried fruits, smooth mashed and sweet potatoes

 How to fit a whole cheese in a plastic bag!
Chamarel coffee, rum maceration, bitter chocolate ganache


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Gala Dinner at Deer Hunter Restaurant, Constance Belle Mare Plage