Michelin Star dinner at Constance Belle Mare Plage


This 25th and 29th of October, join us for two Michelin Star dinners in Mauritius at Constance Belle Mare Plage’s Blue Penny Cellar & La Spiaggia Restaurant.
The delicious creation will be made by Christophe Hay,  2 Michelin Star Chef!

Michelin Star Chef |Christophe Hay|Image credit:

Christophe Hay gives an intuitive cuisine around the Loire products
and his own garden. The chef who is also a fisherman, gardener and author proposes an inventive cuisine, modern and healthy by selecting local products exclusively.
A principal member of chef’s ecology association named “L’R durable”, which aims at promoting a more responsible cooking way, Chef Hay received his second star in the Michelin Guide on January 21, 2019.

If you love culinary master-pieces,  why not seize your chance and book your table to savour Hay’s cuisine
Two dates to remember: the 25th and the 29th!

Menu at Blue Penny Cellar | 25th October

Mise en Bouche
Quail “escabèche” / Local fish soup / Fish “Chambord” style

Caviar Rova from Madagascar
Garden’s radish, radish dewlap cream

Main Course
Roasted Seabream
Cauliflower, Beauce’s spirulina, buckwheat
Australian Lamb
Back & shoulder, sugarloaf, wild mushrooms

Wild strawberries
Tartare style, lemon, saffron

Christophe  Hay creation

Menu at La Spiaggia Restaurant | 29th October

Mise en Bouche
Quail “escabèche” / Local fish soup / Fish “Chambord” style

“Foie Gras”
Roasted tomatoes, hazelnuts, lovage

Main Course
Red Snapper Confit
Beeswax, 'brocoletti', barley pearl
French Wagyu Beef
Local red onion, potatoes, mustard

Valrhona chocolate
In variation, praline, savoury

Very limited tables, Book yours Now!