Michael Scioli – Constance Le Prince Maurice

Michael Scioli – Constance Le Prince Maurice

Like most of our executive chefs, Michael Scioli is familiar with various cuisines, culture and diverse culinary techniques.

Chef Scioli started his career at the Grand Hôtel des Thermes, de Brides les Bains and then went to Le Byblos des Neiges at Courchevel.

In 2001, he returned to France and worked alongside the famous chef Bernard Loiseau at “La Côte d’Or”.

Constance Belle Mare Plage welcomed him in 2006 whereby he started creating dishes with local spices and French cooking techniques.

Since 2009, Chef Scioli has been enhancing the restaurants of Constance Le Prince Maurice and pleasing the fine palate of our discerning guests as he masterly combines Asian ingredients with French technique to create mesmerizing dining experiences.

Tomates mozzarela - Constance Le Prince Maurice