Dive in Luxury

Dive in Luxury

For those looking for luxury diving in the Indian Ocean – Search no more, here’s what not to miss at All Inclusive Constance Moofushi and lavish Constance Halaveli Maldives with the clear visibility of surrounding water.

Get ready to swim with manta rays and dive with sharks :

At both Moofushi and Halaveli, we have PADI Shark Speciality Courses – the course includes a theory session so as you familiarise with their habits before actually  taking the big plunge in the shark pass.  

Dive with sharks at Halaveli and Moofushi

At Halaveli, swimming with Manta Rays is only complete once you learn more about them with a course written by PADI Manta Awareness Diver Alexis Vincent himself!

Swimming with Manta Rays at Halaveli and Moofushi

Brave hearts:

Get ready to witness a superb spectacle orchestrated by the ocean – There’s no other sight than the deep blue at night where a variety of mollusks and crustaceans come out of their daytime nooks for their night time feasts. Night Dives available at both Constance Halaveli and Moofushi.

Night Dives and Constance Halaveli and Moofushi in Maldives

Wreck Dive is another fantastic way to enjoy the richness of the ocean. Wreaks hold mysteries and untold stories. Teeming with exciting and beautiful marine life, wrecks are windows of the past

Beautiful marine life at Constance Halaveli and Moofushi in Maldives

Take some back home:

Photography diving allows you to capture moments and sight  you would like to keep for a lifetime - learn how to take  stunning underwater photographs  at our Bluetribe Dive Centre, Constance Moofushi. Our course includes 2 short theory sessions, 2 photo editing sessions & 2 scuba dives or snorkel dives.

Underwater photographs at Constance Moofushi Maldives

Constance Halaveli’s ultimate:

Exclusive ultimate dive at Halaveli is when you are on your own yacht with your own crew, chef and spa therapist to take care of you while you explore the beautiful reefs of the Ari Atoll. Tempted? Find out more

Exclusive ultimate dive at Constance Halaveli maldives