Luxurious Architectural Designs

Luxurious Architectural Designs

Contemporary slatted wooden shutters gazing across the oceanfront terrace, spacious and stylish peaked ceilings;
Constance Lemuria is among the few five-star hotels that integrates design with its rain forest surrounding.

Oceanfront terrace at Constance Lémuria Seychelles

Member of The Leading Hotel of the World and recently certified Green Globe Hotel, Constance Lemuria consists of 88 Junior Suites, 8 Senior Suites, 8 Villas and one exclusive Presidential Villa. Luxuriously designed to offer complete comfort, all suites and villas are endowed with an exclusive view as well.

Exclusive Presidential Villa at Constance Lémuria Seychelles

Junior Suite:  
Minimalist yet lavishly designed with large bathrooms and a fully furnished terrace each Junior Suite measures 52 m2.

Junior Suite at Constance Lémuria SeychellesPalm thatch roofing Junior Suites are constructed with wood, marble, limestone and pink granite evoking intimacy and harmony.


Senior Suite: Contemporary interior with a living room that leads to an outdoor dining area, each senior suite measures 115 m2.

Senior Suite at Constance Lémuria SeychellesBeautifully designed for a couple or a family of four!


Villas: Spaciously built with bedrooms leading into the gardens and the beach just meters away, each villa comes with its own private pool and measures 725 m2

Luxurious Villa at Constance Lémuria SeychellesEach luxurious villa offers a private relaxation & massage pavilion


Presidential Villa: Impressively situated amidst boulders, tropical vegetation on the southern tip of Anse Kerlan, the presidential Villa measures 1250 m2 with private multi-level swimming pool overlooking the ocean.

Swimming pool overlooking the ocean at Constance Lémuria SeychellesHigh raftered ceilings, marble and local pink granite give it a Seychellois elegance that fits perfectly with its environment.


Constance Lemuria’s exclusive designs include the unique 18 hole Golf Course as well which has been awarded The most Outstanding Golf Resort 2011 by VIP International Traveller & 2012 Indian Ocean Leading Golf Resort by World Traveller Awards

18 hole Golf Course at Constance Lémuria Seychelles