Lebanese feast at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Lebanese feast at Constance Belle Mare Plage

Taste authentic Lebanese dishes at La Spiaggia Restaurant this week.

To make your stay even more memorable, this week get a glimpse of Lebanon while staying at Constance Belle Mare Plage. Chef Dominique Grel and his team will be creating Lebanese feast for the guest until the 3rd of May at La Spiaggia restaurant.

There is no better way to know about a culture than tasting its authentic meals. Lebanese food is a combination of European techniques with the exotic ingredients of the Middle and the Far East.

Having worked and travel in the Middle East for two years, Chef Grel wants to share this amazing cuisine with Constance Belle Mare Plage’s guest at our Mediterranean restaurant ; La Spiaggia

Here’s what you can expect at La Spiaggia Restaurant until the 03rd of May:

Mezze Selection

Hoummous… foie gras and vanilla powder
Moutabal… sea scallops roasted, green pistachio
Chicken liver in pastilla
Kibbeh nayyeh… beef tartare kibbeh style
Baba ganoush… crab curry meat and almonds
Tabouleh… prawns tartare and golden leave
Manakeej… half meter and four colors
Labneh… truffles and black mushrooms

Pasta & Risotto

Risotto with mushroom and green peas, pimientos del piquillo with shrimps, ceps mushroom emulsion
Gnocchi, baby garden vegetables and herbs, chanterelles and trumpets mushrooms with truffle oil
Linguini with wild watercress coulis, half cooked smoked salmon with thin herbs and green lemon
Penne pasta stewed chicken with
porcini mushroom and comfit white turnip


Salt-crusted and oven-cooked whole tropical sea bass, Greek style vegetables cooked in cocotte, taggiasca virgin olive oil sauce
Pan-seared tiger prawns with Mediterranean flavors, braised fennel and sauce thickened with harissa


Saddle, rack, and sweetbread of lamb roasted with garlic butter, gratinated polenta, served with salad and gravy

The beef rib, gratin dauphinois grandmother’s style, pan-fried turnips with mushrooms and rosemary juice

Lebanese Kebabs
Beef Kebab
Lamb Kebabs
Fish and prawns kebabs


Fruits Tagine
Rose water sherbet
Cardamom and saffron crème Brulée

Libanese dessert at Constance Belle Mare Plage


Bil Hana!

(May you have your meal with gladness and health)
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