La Paulée Du Prince

La Paulée Du Prince

This 29th of April 2017, join us for a one- of-a-kind event as we host and celebrate
La Paulée at Constance Le Prince Maurice!

From the 23rd till the 29th of April,
there will be exclusive wine pairing dinners with renown winemakers at both
Constance Le Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage!

Archipel Restaurant - Constance Le Prince Maurice

Originally, La Paulée is a salute to La Paulée de Meursault;
a traditional gastronomic banquet gathering wine connoisseurs, winemakers, chefs and sommeliers
to celebrate the end of the harvest in Burgundy, France.

La Paulée du Prince is a humble attempt to convey the Burgundy spirit of generosity and camaraderie.

The essence of Burgundy's joie de vivre/source:pinterest

As per the tradition, all guests must bring a wine of their choice which they will then share
with their table companions and other guests.

A friendly competition reigns as bottles are uncorked, shared and imbibed.
 Anyone who appreciates fine wine and cuisine should try to attend this event,
which captures the essence of Burgundy's joie de vivre with a hint of Constance savoir-faire!

Jerome-Faure-Corporate Sommelier at Constance Hotels and Resorts

Given the success of the previous editions, La Paulée will be even grander this year
with exclusive vinous events including wine dinners with world-renowned vineyards as from the 24th of April!

1st Edition of La Paulée

The lip-smacking program as follows:

Monday 24th of April
Enjoy a superb dinner with Michel Chevré, France
at Constance Le Prince Maurice’s Asian Restaurant.

La Paulée - Constance Le Prince Maurice

Tuesday 25th of April
Delicious dinner with Balthasar Ress, Germany
at Constance Belle Mare Plage’s La Spiaggia Restaurant.

La Spiaggia Restaurant

Wednesday 26th of April

Delectable dinner with Domaine Olivier Riviere, Spain
at Constance Le Prince Maurice’s floating restaurant, Le Barachois.


Friday 28th of April 2017
Superb dinner with Domaine Albert Mann, France
at Constance Belle Mare Plage’s Blue Penny Cellar.

Albert Mann

Saturday 29th of April 2017

La Paulée Soirée at Constance Le Prince Maurice with all the guest winemakers!

Michel Chevré, France
Balthasar Ress, Germany
Domaine Olivier Riviere, Spain
Domaine Albert Mann, France
Dorrance wines, South Africa 

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Happy La Paulée!