Jonathan Bauer Monneret, France Best Sommelier 2014 touched the Mauritian soil recently.

Humble, eloquent with a remarkable vinous knowledge, Jonathan is one of the youngest wine prodigies of our time; earning the glorious title of Meilleur Sommelier de France 2014 /France Best Sommelier 2014 at just the age of 29!

We are pleased and proud to say that Jonathan started his career with us in 2006 until 2010. He started at Constance Le Prince Maurice then Constance Belle Mare Plage where he worked closely with our charming Corporate Sommelier, Jerome Faure & Assistance Corporate Sommelier, Jorald Julie.

During Jonathan’s stay at Constance Le Prince Maurice, a very enriching session with all our sommeliers were arranged where he shared his experience and thoughts on the best sommelier competition.

Jonathan’s stay at Constance Le Prince Maurice

On the competition:

When asked about the competition, Jonathan humbly declared that he entered the competition to learn rather than win. He believes that a competition forces oneself to learn more.

Competitions are not easy; it requires dedication, passion and hard work.

Jonathan has been working for this one competition for months while working at Springs Restaurant, France. His passion and dedication have allowed him to win such a title at his age.

Preparation time:

It took him 3 months before the selection, six months between the selections and final, four hours solely dedicated for practice, theory & presentation techniques.

What’s next?

The next title after France Best Sommelier is Best Sommelier of Europe then World Best Sommelier

However, our young sommelier said he would like to use all the knowledge and experiences in developing and training other sommeliers in the near future.

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