Dinner by Jacqueline Dalais

Dinner by Jacqueline Dalais

This Friday the 29th of April, have an extra-sensorial dinner
with la Grande dame of Mauritian Cuisine- Jacqueline Dalais

Jacqueline Dalais

The special soirée will start at 19h00 at La Kaze Restaurant-
Constance Belle Mare Plage’s newly refurbished beachside restaurant.

Here’s what to expect:

Sea urchin cappuccino and cassava bread fingers |
Pan-fried scallops served in coconut, saffron sauce and coconut cream, truffle slices
Crushed ice with melon
Traditional red sauce with prawns on braised hearts of palm
Pan-fried fillet of jobfish ‘Cocochurri’


Wild pig with china goyava
Mashed sweet potatoes
Stuffed local gourd

Souvenir of Mauritius
Grilled coconut – vanilla cream

Coffee – Herbal Tea with flowers – Small pastries

A 6-course dinner not to be missed but to be thoroughly enjoyed…
Call on + 402 2661 or email us to book your table now!