Honey – inspired culinary events

Honey – inspired culinary events

All the way from Portugal, Chef Sebastian Serveau will be anchoring at Constance Lemuria Seychelles
before setting sail for Constance Ephelia for series of honey- inspired culinary events.

These events have been organised to promote a unique range of honey available in Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

Chef Sebastien, who is currently the director and co-founder of the Patisserie Salon de Thé Nougat Tea’n in Portugal, will be animating workshops, holding live cooking sessions, demonstrations as well as creating unique menus together with Chef Nicolas Baube, executive chef and Thierry Larallu – pastry chef at Constance Ephelia.

Christian Ritter, the bee keeper will also be present.

Chef Sebastien Serveau

Here’s a sneak preview:

Special Chef Buffet at Corossol restaurant – 23rd of October 2015

Live cooking and demonstration where sugar structures, sugar casting, and sugar flowers will be confectioned separately then assemble as one - to form one masterpiece!

Sebastien Serveau Masterpiece

Chef Serveau will also recreate Constance Ephelia’s landscape with Chocolate fountains, herisson of exotic fruit sweets, chocolate sculptures, waffles, crepes, candied apples and more…


Watch out for the regular buffet as the chefs transform it into a candy shop with 12 varieties of mini vérines and snacks – a special creation for Constance Ephelia by Chef Serveau on the theme of macaron, chocolate and Madagascar honey.

Honey lovers will be in for a unique treat as there will be a special display and decoration of honey from Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles: Eucalyptus, Rosewood, Jujube, Niaouli and Baobab!

Honey inspired event 

Buffet Breakfast at Corossol restaurant – 24th of October 2015

Join beekeeper Christian Ritter for an amazing honey tasting – an exceptional honey unique in the world

Among the long list of benefits, honey is believed to be good for improving athletic performance, an instant energy booster, for beautiful skin as well as for weight loss if taken with warm water!

En soirée – At Cyann Restaurant – 24th Of October 2015

Sweet and salted menu created by Chef Baube, Chef Serveau and Chef Lellaru:

Amuse bouche

Espuma of Parmesan and Salmon roe


Crystal ball

Fondant of red grouper fillet, crusty garlic petals, Chinese cabbage, coconut milk, all infused with lemon thyme smoke

Main Course

Ravioli of Angus grade confit beef tail, stewed with spices and tamarind jus, fine puree of ratte potatoes served with an emulsion of crème de bolet

Cheese discovery

Sphere of epoisse cheese, Armagnac of Bourgogne, chutney of Provençal black figs and prunes


Timbale of chocolate with caramelised nuts, emulsion of Madagascan cocoa beans

Yuzu and Litchi rolled in bamboo leaf, sweet mascarpone and green tea matcha

Ruby Tartar – Strawberry charlotte, red pepper, tomato confit, black olive pearls, lemon yoghurt freshness


Madagascar cocoa beans

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