Green Globe Certification

Green Globe Certification

Constance Hotels and Resorts combine environmental responsibility and sustainable management.

Energy and water saving, recycling, composting or protection of the fauna and the flora are the initiatives that allowed Constance hotels in Mauritius, the Seychelles
and the Maldives to receive the Green Globe certification for the third consecutive year.

constance ephelia seychelles

Since 2014, several projects have been put in place to make the hotels more ecological.
Constance Hotels and Resorts was the first hotel group of Mauritius to receive the Green Globe certification.

Water & Energy Saving:

We use the System Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)  to control our consumption of energy. Savings are being made, for example, on the use of air conditioning and water used for swimming pools.

Constance Le Prince Maurice

Rainwater collected is used for the watering of plants and to reduce the use of plastic bottles, glass bottles were introduced.  Some hotels, such as Constance Ephelia Seychelles and Constance Lemuria Seychelles have their system of desalination of water running to the photovoltaic energy.

The 3 “R”:

The concept of the 3 R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle was introduced to reduce waste to the maximum. Organic waste is used for composting and used for plants located within the hotels or
distributed to local growers.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

Flora & Fauna Protection:

We go further in the green globe initiative by protecting the nesting sites of sea turtles, rehabilitation of new coral reefs or mangrove planting on the banks with the support
of international scientists and wildlife foundations.

Constance Halaveli Maldives

Commitment to the community:

"It is, in fact, a must, to put in place initiatives for a greener tourism and engage guests" explains Djaved Fareed, Environment Health and Safety Manager at Constance Hotels and Resorts. ”
Training and awareness campaigns have also been organised for the employees, customers and suppliers. It has strengthened our engagement towards the local community.

Guests get involved by planting endemic plants or even protect the nesting sites of turtles.

Turtles at Constance Lemuria Seychelles

The hotels and suppliers opt for reusable containers for food.
The surplus of food is distributed through associations such as Manzer Partazer.

"Again this year, our hotels have managed to comply with more than 80% of the applicable criteria,
 far exceeding the minimum required 50%. Receiving the Green Globe certification has just confirmed that we are on the right track in the promotion of green tourism"- Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO

Constance Lemuria Seychelles

 Results of the hotels are as follows:  Constance Prince Maurice (Mauritius) 89%; Constance Belle Mare Plage (Mauritius) 90%; Constance Lémuria (Seychelles) 89%; Constance Ephelia (Seychelles) 89%;
Constance Moofushi (Maldives) 90%; and Constance Halaveli (Maldives) 90%.

About Green Globe Certification:

Green Globe is a certification program specially designed for tourist organisations. It rewards and accompanies the institutions have opted for an approach to the improvement of the environmental and social management of their activities. Operating under an international license, Green Globe is based in California - the United States and represented in more than 83 countries. Green Globe is an affiliated member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and also a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). For more information, please consult the site: