Château De Rhodes at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Château De Rhodes at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Constance Le Prince Maurice  and Chateau De Rhodes invite you for a magnificent soirée with the most exquisite of flavours on the
 27th of October at Le Barachois Restaurant

Le Barachois Floating Restaurant

Special Menu:

Sea bream tartar with avocado

Gaillac Blanc-Sec Château de Rhodes, 2014

Thin tart with Iberico chorizo,
Tomato compote and caramelised onions,
Old parmesan, chateau d’Estoublon oil 

Gaillac Chevalier de Rhodes Rouge, 2011 

Australian “Black Angus” beef rib,
Caramelised onions,
Portobello mushroom, mashed potato

Gaillac Château de Rhodes, 2012

Passion Fruit "chibouste" cream,
Mascarpone mousse with vanilla and mango

 Gaillac Château de Rhodes Blanc
Vendanges tardives, 2011

Situated in Gaillac - north east of Toulouse - France; Chateau de Rhodes vineyards extend on 20 hectares of land under the connoisseur and meticulous eye of Eric Lépine who has been the domain’s owner and sales manager since 2002.

Chateau De Rhodes domain

For all information and booking please email or call us on (230) 402 3620