Chase Webber, Corporate Spa Manager at Constance Hotels and Resorts

Inspiring, patient and visionary; Dr Chase Webber has always been passionate about the hotel environment which can simultaneously be a Wellness sanctuary…

Qualified as a Naturopathic Doctor and knowledgeable about natural medicine, wellness and spa for almost 25 years now, Dr Chase believes that life should be lived fully and happily: “it is not the number of years which is important but the way we live it!” It is also important to value what is around us and be able to reach a state of wellness.

Most of us are still unaware of how to relax, be in a wellness state and this is where Dr Chase’s motivation lies: creating wellness experiences for people with the objective of bringing them to a relaxed and blissful state.

In the company since 2013, Dr Chase has brought around important changes in Constance spa world. He has created a spa - or rather a wellness sanctuary - where body, mind and soul are taken care of. U Spa by Constance, with its “Classics” and “Deluxe” ranges of treatments, provides experiences that are deeply therapeutic, simple yet enjoyable.

The “Classics” range of treatments is magnificently inspired by the exotic scent and warmth of the islands whereas the “Deluxe” range consists of an array of specialist treatments from the world’s leading spa brands - Valmont, Shiseido and Sisley.

For those ready and willing to try our Signature U Experience treatments, part of the “Classics” – you will be wonderfully satisfied to know that massages are done only after a one-to-one consultation so as your needs and objectives of the day are met! Your health, diet, fitness level and skincare regime are our priority before the treatment.

When it comes to choice, you will be free to take your pick from relaxing, rejuvenating or detox massage oil. Concocted with tropical plants and fruits, the massage oil will transport you during your spa treatments and leave a fragrant feeling.

With the U Spa philosophy in mind – Wellness leads to Happiness – Dr Chase believes that the ideal time for you to experience wellness is while you are sojourning at any Constance Hotels and Resorts! You will be able to relax, re-connect with your loved-ones, taste different cuisines and try different relaxing techniques which will enhance your lifestyle!

When asked what’s next for U Spa by Constance - Dr Chase proudly said “Wellness at its Best!

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