Ambrosial Feast

Ambrosial Feast

At Constance Halaveli, every meal is an ambrosial feast whereby only the freshest of ingredients are used; the most exquisite of flavours are served with no compromise on quality!

Why a feast?

It is true that five-star hotels, even award-winning ones are no rarity these days but surely, what you would rather want to feel is some kind of personality, a sense of uniqueness and not a mere add-on service of a business, right?!

Our Food & Beverages team pride themselves in saying that every dining and vinous experience is a feast, because of the feeling it brings and the memory it creates.

Wine tasting “Pieds dans l’eau” at Constance Halaveli Maldives Wine tasting “Pieds dans l’eau”


There is a distinction in every meal and every occasion we cater for, a special dinner, a low carb meal, a wedding proposal, a palate pleasing discovery or a simple lunch at the hotel restaurant.

Catch a glimpse of the feast:

Savouring the most delicious caviar and sipping some Salon, Cuvée “S” 1997 Champagne is indeed very nice and available at many hotels but at Constance Halaveli, it is served with a turquoise ocean view

Newly refurbished Jing Restaurant at Constance Halaveli MaldivesTry it in our newly refurbished Jing Restaurant


And what if you are on a diet but craving for a decent meal?

Scrumptious low carb meal on our menu at Constance Halaveli Maldives
Scrumptious low carb meal on our menu


Maldives is known for weddings and honeymoons, At Constance Halaveli we believe that it is also fit for a wedding proposal, see for yourself:

Wedding proposal at Constance Halaveli Maldives


For your palate pleasing discovery, we have an award winning wine list for you recently awarded by both World of Fine Wine & Wine Spectator!

Chocolate & cheese wine tasting at Constance Halaveli MaldivesChocolate & cheese wine tasting

Happy Feasting!