A sweet discovery

A sweet discovery

A trip down flavour and aroma lane will tickle your taste buds …

It is known that a good chocolate with coffee or even with wine is marvellous
 but chocolate with rum … It is simply divine!

Grand Crus Initiation

Valrhona chocolate and New Grove Rum tasting were magnificently held at
the Wine Cellar of 
Constance Prince Maurice by Guillaume Graffeille, Bar manager at
Constance Belle Mare Plage and Zeyneb Larabi, representative of Valrhona.

Constance Le Prince Maurice Wine Cellar

Aromas and tastes that were unknown to the taste buds were effortlessly pinched
with six different rum and chocolates.

For chocolate and rum lovers; here’s a recap:

Manjari Noir & New Grove Oak Rum

Valrhona Chocolate and New Grove Rum

> A chocolate with notes of dry red fruits, in the end, Manjari chocolate is easily enjoyed by everyone.
When tasted with the New Grove Oak Rum, the chocolate allow 
for the fruitiness of the rum to be discovered.

Alpaco Noir & New Grove Plantation Rum

Valrhona chocolate and New Grove Rum

> On its own the New Grove Plantation Rum does not exude any specific flavour
but with Alpaco Noir chocolate, a subtle “pear” flavour can be enjoyed.

Tainori Noir & New Grove Vanilla Liquor

 Valrhona chocolate & New Grove Rum

> A very easy liquor to digest and mostly enjoyed by ladies,
the New Grove Vanilla Liquor exudes a caramel smell at first.
But with the Tainori Noir chocolate, it develops the spicy tone of vanilla.

Caraibe Noir & New Grove Oak Aged 8 years Rum

Valrhona Chocolate & New Grove Rum

> Caraibe Noir chocolate and New Grove Oak aged 8 years rum oozes a round taste with a robust smell.
Together, it is a perfect match, going harmoniously well together.

Guanaja Noir & New Grove Oak Single Barrel Rum
"Constance Rum"


Valrhona and New Grove Rum

> Guanaja Noir chocolate has a pleasant bitterness revealing a series of warm aromas
which brings out the intensity of the New Grove Oak Single Barrel Rum.

Abinao Noir & New Grove Spiced Rum

Valrhona chocolate and New Grove Rum

> Abinao Noir chocolate is to be enjoyed with a strong rum thus
with New Grove Spices Rum it marries perfectly; leaving a sweet tone of dry fruits.