We are Constance, True By Nature

Before Booking
Be confident when you book
a stay at any of our hotels and resorts across the Indian Ocean; we are doing everything we can to have accommodations ready for you. We are closely monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health in each of our hotel destination for the latest developments related to COVID-19.
Being True by Nature, we have elevated precautionary operational protocols, including deep-cleaning measures in public areas, restaurants, meeting spaces, guestrooms, fitness centres and spas.

When you Book - New Policies
Given the situation, we have re-worked our cancellation policy for all new booking made until 31st August, for stays until 22nd December 2020.

All new bookings made until 31st August, for stays until 22nd December 2020, you will be allowed to cancel up to 24 hours before arrival free of charge.
A refundable 50 % deposit will be charged at the time of booking, and that shall be refunded if the booking needs to be cancelled.
Rest assured, our Central Reservation team is just a phone call away should you wish any assistance on your booking.
Please find our contact numbers here

During your stay - A peaceful stay with us.
We are conscious that the novel coronavirus is spreading fast and all our vigilance is required.

As such, we have adopted additional measures at our hotel:
-Hand sanitizers have been placed in all common areas.
-We have adopted contact-less ways of greeting our guests.
-Team members have been briefed to reinforce personal hygiene habits and to inform us in case of health issues.
-Other dining options (like a la carte restaurants and room service) are available beside the buffet.
-To note that we always have a doctor on call at the hotel.


We are closely monitoring our colleagues’ state of health, and at this time, there are no coronavirus cases or symptoms among our team members.
Rest assured that, we are diligently updating ourselves from the World Health Organization (WHO), to understand the situation.

Lastly, whether you are travelling now or in future, we want you to know that we care and we are doing our utmost for you to enjoy a peaceful stay with us.

Thank You
Constance, Hotels & Resorts' team