Beautifully floating in the Indian Ocean; Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Pemba, Unguja and other islets worth discovering on an exotic island getaway. Perfect for an exotic wedding, romantic break, relaxing getaway & cocooning holiday. 

Palm-fringed beaches, white-sailed dhows, dreamy turquoise lagoon; Zanzibar archipelago which is made up of both large islands and islets in the Indian Ocean, is ideal for an exotic wedding, romantic break, relaxing getaway & cocooning holiday.

Also referred to as the ‘Spice Islands’ thanks to the delicious spice plantation, Zanzibar archipelago is made up of both large islands and islets.

Culturally immersive, Zanzibar brought to its shores adventurers, seafarers and traders from all corners of the world. Yemeni, Omani, Indian/Pakistani, Persian, Turkish, Saudi, Bahraini, Chinese, Indonesian, Malagasy, South African, Arabs, Sri Lankans; most of them living in thriving in the vibrant trade port of Stone Town.

Stone Town, a World Heritage Site, boasts a labyrinth of winding alleys, bustling marketplaces, beautifully carved wooden doors, and grand Arab residences.
Pemba Island (meaning "green") however is more exclusive, greener and ideal for those looking for authenticity and tranquillity.

The tapestry of culinary influences, superb architecture and vegetation make Zanzibar an excellent food tour destination as well. Epicureans, better be ready!

If picturesque, warm and exclusive are the prerequisites of your memorable honeymoon, mini-moon even babymoon, then search no more, Zanzibar is the destination for you. 

Hotels & Resorts

Stay at the soul-stirring, Constance Aiyana Pemba, Zanzibar: a soulful hotel robed in simplicity and sensuality for a true African retreat.





Direct access to a silky beach and architecturally in total harmony with its fragrant environment.

Senior Villa

Senior Villa

Ecologically built and beautifully set among lush vegetation

Ambassador Villa

Ambassador Villa

Wake up to the wondrous ocean and reside in serene and luxurious atmosphere

Royal Villa

Royal Villa

Royally beautiful on the southern part of the hotel with a chic décor

Presidential Villa

Presidential Villa

Beautifully set in the northern part of the hotel with ample outdoor space to embrace nature



Diving in Pemba

Seize the moment when you are sojourning at Constance Aiyana to dive in one of the most beautiful sites!

Pemba is home to several dive sites, with steep drop-offs, untouched coral, very abundant marine life as well as famous for its rich fishing grounds.

Between the island and the mainland, there is the deep 50 kilometers wide Pemba Channel, which is one of the most profitable fishing grounds for game fishing on the Swahili Coast.

What to look out for: Green turtles, Hawksbills.
Whale sharks can be seen from November to March.


Food philosophy at Constance Aiyana

A tapestry of culinary influences such as Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and Chinese blend harmoniously to create the Zanzibari cuisine which is available and beautifully served at Constance Aiyana.


Spa at Constance Aiyana

Restore your senses and make the most of your sensory journey at Constance Aiyana