Maldives free seaplane transfer

Constance Moofushi

Experience a complimentary seaplane transfer, adding a memorable and picturesque touch to your journey.

Embark on a journey to paradise, guided by the azure waters, and immerse yourself in the effortless sophistication of Constance Moofushi. Your adventure starts here, where luxury harmonizes with the endless splendor of the ocean. Plunge into a realm of exceptional moments, where a complimentary seaplane transfer stands ready to transport you to your dream destination. Discover the epitome of hospitality, exclusively at Constance Moofushi!

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  • Offers valid only for Water Villa and Senior Water Villa as from 23rd December 2023 until 06th January 2024
  • Applicable to new booking only
  • 7 nights stay compulsory

  • Existing Booking being cancelled now will not be accepted as new bookings with the above offers.

  • No name change will be accepted. 

  • Management reserves the right to remove the Special Offer at any point in time.