The winners of the 2013 Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau

The 8th Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau reached its climax this weekend at Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius.

1st Prize : Luc Mobihan & Hem Pulami
2nd Prize : Robert Speth & Sampath Mariyadasa
3rd Prize : Anita Klemensen & Elodie Oudeuil

The week-long festival is a partnership between Constance Hotels & Resorts and the three Michelin-starred Relais Bernard Loiseau. It celebrates the Constance Culinary Spirit – a fusion of classical European cuisine that blends with the spices and aromas of the Indian Ocean... with a true respect for the taste of each single ingredient, with the love of the art of cooking as background.
The aim of the festival is to encourage the transfer of skills and knowledge between the European and island chefs.
Each island chef is teamed with a Michelin-starred European chef and together they must collaborate to create a menu which is a fusion of European style and Indian Ocean flavours.
All ingredients for the menu are sourced from the local market where the island chefs can share their knowledge with the Europeans. Dishes are then created and a menu planned. On the final day of the competition the island chefs must create the menu on their own, using all the skills and knowledge they’ve learned throughout the week.

Constance Hotels & Resorts CEO, Mr Jean-Jacques Vallet, said:
“This Culinary festival has once again related our passion... this passion from Constance men and women that pushes them to always seek for the best. This award goes to the best European - Island partnership and celebrates not just the finest dishes but the team’s ability to work together and share and transfer their unique skill sets”.