Job title: Executive Chef - Constance Hotels and Resorts

Expire date : 4-06-2012

Job Description:
JOB SUMMARY The Executive Chef is in charge under all aspect of food preparation, buffet restaurant, room service and pool. In charge of all Kitchen personnel and should be able to work within the budgeted manpower and food cost levels. He is totally responsible for the operation of the Kitchen and to maintain and upgrade the agreed standards of cuisine including dish specification and staff training for menus in the Kitchen

Job Responsibilities:
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES •To be totally responsible for controlling all aspect of the daily operation of the Kitchen •To control the preparation and service all food from the Kitchen, ensuring that it meets the agreed standards of quality and hygiene at all times. •To make regular inspections through the Kitchen Outlets and Storage Rooms. To observe the conditions, methods and progress of preparation production •To maintain a strict control on all food items issued to and from the Kitchen. •To ensure portion control is strictly adhered to and action cases where wastage occurs. Ensure a strict follow-up and action on the Hotel “Watch Food Wastage” document. •To prepare new Menus for Outlets, like food promotions, new Standard Menus, daily Menus as required in conjunction with the Food & Beverage Manager. •To ensure that all staff are trained to the required Hotel Standards and are aware of the specification for all new dishes. •To make demonstration and support the operation when necessary to improve preparation methods and standards •To ensure that the company and grievance is adhered to at all times •To perform the above duties to the best of his abilities or any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Management. EXPERIENCE: At least five years working experience in a similar position within a five star environment