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After an exciting refurbishment, Constance Le Prince Maurice finds it groove as the ultimate must-book hotel on Mauritius right now.
Still elegant and refined yet more romantic than ever, here are some of the delights awaiting guests when they walk through the entrance on 1st September.

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DOPPIA RICOMPENSA PER CONSTANCE HOTELS EXPERIENCE World Travel Awards 2012 http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20121029507/events/constance-hotels-experience-is-pleased-to-announce-that-two-of-its-hotels-in-the-seychelles-and-madagascar-respectively-have-received-the-following-awards-at-the-19th-world-t.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20121029507/events/constance-hotels-experience-is-pleased-to-announce-that-two-of-its-hotels-in-the-seychelles-and-madagascar-respectively-have-received-the-following-awards-at-the-19th-world-t.html Il gruppo Constance Hotels Experience é lieto di annunciarvi che due dei suoi hotel alle Seychelles e in Madagascar, durante la 19sima cerimonia dei World Travel Awards che ha avuto luogo all’Intercontinental Singapore il 18 ottobre 2012, hanno ricevuto I seguenti riconoscimenti

]]> webrnd@constancehotels.com (admin_constance) Events Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:33:27 +0000 Constance Hotels and Resorts, 3 hotels are now members of “The Leading Hotels of the World” http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130121514/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-3-hotels-are-now-members-of-the-leading-hotels-of-the-world-514/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130121514/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-3-hotels-are-now-members-of-the-leading-hotels-of-the-world-514/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

Constance Hotels and Resorts is pleased to announce that the Executive Committee of “The leading Hotels of the World” welcomes the group as a new member.
As from the 15th of January 2013, Constance Halaveli Maldives, Constance Lémuria Seychelles and Constance Le Prince Maurice-Mauritius are members of “The Leading Hotels of the World”.

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Barefoot luxury at the newly revamped Constance Tsarabanjina http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130131522/events/barefoot-luxury-at-the-newly-revamped-constance-tsarabanjina-522/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130131522/events/barefoot-luxury-at-the-newly-revamped-constance-tsarabanjina-522/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

This March, we’ll be launching a unique castaway experience on the beautifully remote Madagascan island of Tsarabanjina.

At Constance Hotels we are carrying out a multi-million pound revamp to add a splash of luxury to the Crusoe-chic that is Constance Tsarabanjina.

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Constance Hotels and Resorts have signed a new partnership with Etihad Guest http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130201528/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-have-signed-a-new-partnership-with-etihad-guest-528/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130201528/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-have-signed-a-new-partnership-with-etihad-guest-528/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

Constance Hotels and Resorts proudly welcome Etihad’s frequent flyer program, Etihad Guest on board.  Taking effect on the 1st of February 2013, Etihad Guests will be able to earn miles at all Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Guests who wish to join Etihad Guest can so on www.etihadguest.com


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The official launch of the book “Constance A Lifestyle” in Mauritius took place on 18 March at the Deer Hunter restaurant in Constance Belle Mare Plage. http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130322539/events/the-official-launch-of-the-book-constance-a-lifestyle-in-mauritius-took-place-on-18-march-at-the-deer-hunter-restaurant-in-constance-belle-mare-plage-539/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130322539/events/the-official-launch-of-the-book-constance-a-lifestyle-in-mauritius-took-place-on-18-march-at-the-deer-hunter-restaurant-in-constance-belle-mare-plage-539/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

“Pleasure is the starting and the end point to a happy life”said Epicure
The official launch of the book “Constance A Lifestyle” in Mauritius took place on 18 March at the Deer Hunter restaurant in Constance Belle Mare Plage.
The business of hotelier, gives us the chance, even so slightly, to contribute to the moments of pleasure of our guests staying in our properties. Unique pleasures that make their trips memorable and nurture their memories.

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The winners of the 2013 Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130325540/events/les-gagnants-du-festival-culinaire-bernard-loiseau-2013-540/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130325540/events/les-gagnants-du-festival-culinaire-bernard-loiseau-2013-540/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

The 8th Culinary Festival Bernard Loiseau reached its climax this weekend at Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius.

1st Prize : Luc Mobihan & Hem Pulami
2nd Prize : Robert Speth & Sampath Mariyadasa
3rd Prize : Anita Klemensen & Elodie Oudeuil

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Constance Hotels and Resorts Relaunch Kids’ Clubs http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130611551/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-relaunch-kids-clubs-551/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20130611551/events/constance-hotels-and-resorts-relaunch-kids-clubs-551/menu-id-83.html I Constance Kids Club primeggiano nel settore delle vacanze di lusso in famiglia nell'Oceano Indiano. Coordinatori altamente qualificati ed entusiasti coinvolgono i piccoli ospiti in viaggi di esplorazione dell'isola, alla scoperta dell’ artigianato locale, in attività culinarie e divertenti cacce al tesoro.

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Constance Halaveli Maldives, Global Winner of the Luxury Island Resort 2013 http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20131105597/events/constance-halaveli-maldives-global-winner-of-the-luxury-island-resort-2013-597/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20131105597/events/constance-halaveli-maldives-global-winner-of-the-luxury-island-resort-2013-597/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

Constance Halaveli Maldives,
Global Winner of the Luxury Island Resort 2013

We are pleased to announce that Constance Halaveli Maldives which is part of our “Ultimate’ range of hotels has been awarded “Global-winner - Luxury Island Resort 2013” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

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2013 MCB Tour Championship winner – Paul Wesselingh http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20131216604/events/2013-mcb-tour-championship-winner-paul-wesselingh-604/menu-id-83.html http://www.constancehotels.com/it/eventi/20131216604/events/2013-mcb-tour-championship-winner-paul-wesselingh-604/menu-id-83.html There are no translations available.

Paul Wesselingh wins the 2013 MCB Tour Championship at Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius, it marks the latest chapter in the late rise of this remarkable player.

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