Constance Hotels and Resorts, 3 hotels are now members of “The Leading Hotels of the World”

“The Leading Hotels of the World is a prestigious organization which unite no less than 430 luxury hotels, Resorts and Spas in more than 80 countries. Since 1928, “The leading Hotels of the World” believes that the strength of each hotel resides in its capacity to distinguish itself. The performance of the members are evaluated each 18 months based on 1200 criteria and on 1000 subscriptions per year and only twenty are confirmed. Constance Hotels and Resorts is overwhelmed to start 2013 with this collaboration.

Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of the group said: “We are delighted that three of our hotels have been accredited Leading Hotels of the Word. Becoming member of this organization is therefore a real honor and is the result of excellence, quality and team work.”